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The Ultimate Decision Maker

Forget flipping a coin, Fate Fighters relieves the stress of uncertainty by turning all of your decisions into fast-paced battles to the death. It’s the world’s first productivity app-fighting game hybrid!


Make Decisions

According to research, you make about 612 decisions every day. That’s 4,900 per week. 254,800 per year!

Should I go out tonight or stay home with the cats? Should I see a movie or go line dancing? Should I wear blue or red shoes?

Can’t make up your mind? No worries. Just type in your two options and let the game decide for you.

Epic Fights

Your options are represented by two fighters who automatically duel each other in the name of decisiveness. Witness an awe-inspiring battle to the death as they punch, slash, and back-flip their way to victory.

Whoever wins is the selected option.

Unlock New Fighters

Every decision that you make earns you a mountain of coins which can be used to unlock 6 unique fighters. Unlock them all to unleash their incredible powers and abilities.

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